About Frank

Frank's image has been on all the biggest bodybuilding motivational photos, videos, products - but who is the man behind the freaky muscle?

Frank was born in a small rural town in Newfoundland, Canada. No streetlights, no McDonald's, nothing. Growing up in a middle-class family, he had two hard-working and loving parents, and an older sister. He was a shy kid - he didn't have a lot of friends and was often picked on for no apparent reason. Frequently being picked last for sports, the girls didn't pay much attention to him either.

When Frank was 14 he found his Father's old Joe Wieder bench and dumbbells (the old plastic weights) and started learning from the magazines and flyers that were stored with them. After three years in his parents basement he became stronger and started getting noticed for his rapidly developing physique.

While attending university, Frank had grown to an impressive 240 lbs and was encouraged by a friend to compete in bodybuilding. At 22 years old he did his first competition, the Mr. Newfoundland, and won the overall title. Over the next 3 years he climbed the ranks of the Canadian bodybuilding circuit, and at 25 years of age earned his IFBB Pro Card by winning the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship.

Over the next few years following the Pro Card win, Frank competed in professional events, building notoriety with his unique look, and getting the attention of major sponsors for endorsement deals.

In 2010, everything seemed to come crashing down - Frank, through no fault of his own, was involved in a major car accident. Confined to a hospital bed for a month, and having suffered severe damage to his left shoulder and tricep, along with a collapsed lung and complete spleen removal, Frank lost a lot of muscle - his future in bodybuilding, not to mention life itself, was uncertain.

After being told by doctors he would never compete again and never have the same use/mobility of his left shoulder and arm, Frank became determined to prove them wrong. He was driven to come back better than ever. That same year, Frank was back on stage and even after all of the setbacks, qualified for the Mr. Olympia - the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding!

Today, Frank is still training as hard as ever for the love of the sport, and continuing to provide his large fanbase with the motivation and encouragement they love.

Wrath Army has several projects in the works - stay tuned for what's next!

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